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    How to distinguish the stand or fall of bibcock that defend bath, see this 3 dot enough




    Addtime:2017-11-07 13:37:22

    Bathroom faucets are mainly divided into basin faucets and shower bathtub faucets according to their functions.

    The factors that determine the quality of the leader are generally distinguished from the following three aspects:

    1. Raw material, weight and precipitation of heavy metals

    The raw materials used in the faucet generally include zinc alloy, copper, pure copper, copper alloy, and copper-nickel mixed materials. The cost of zinc alloy materials is low, and the cost of copper-nickel mixed materials is high. The middle gap is large, and the heavier the cost, the higher the cost of the same material.

    In addition, the national standard has a standard for the precipitation of 17 heavy metals in the faucet. Most of the market is concerned about the content of lead. Many publicity lead-free faucets, such as stainless steel faucets, although they do not contain lead, they contain other heavy metals.

    2. Electroplating treatment of the faucet surface

    The electroplating treatment on the surface of the faucet plays a large role in the aesthetic appearance and anti-corrosion performance of the faucet. The national standard is that the salt spray test reaches 8 grades in 24 hours, the nickel layer is ≥5um, and the chromium layer is ≥0.1um. There is an easy way to see if the plating is good or bad: see if there are pores or rough spots on the surface, and whether the hand feels thick and smooth. If you go up, can you dissipate quickly?

    3. The spool and outlet of the faucet

    Ceramic valve cores are currently the first choice for faucets, mainly divided into split, integrated and energy-saving. There is no rubber seal inside the integrated body, it will not leak due to aging of the rubber, and the force is consistent and the operation is smooth. The energy-saving type is divided into two gears, and the upward water output is 50%.

    When buying a faucet, it is a standard for judging whether to lift up and turn the handle left and right to see if it is smooth.

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